The Top 5 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Stress

1.  Have an emergency kit on hand

Before the wedding day, put together a little kit of must-haves in case a problem should arise. Include things like extra makeup, safety pins, mints, perfume, hairspray, stain remover, and anything else that may help you to avoid wedding day stress.

2.  Change into comfortable shoes

Don’t let pain and blisters ruin your night. Change into a pair of comfortable shoes following the ceremony; your feet will thank you!

3.  Remember to eat and stay hydrated

Be sure to take time to nourish yourself throughout the day. This will help you to avoid hunger pangs, headaches, dehydration, and ultimately, stress.

4.  Be sure to relate any and all details to everyone in the wedding party

Ensure that all members of the wedding party know where they are to be and when. You (and your stress level) will benefit from having an informed wedding party!

5.  Put someone (either a friend, family member, or even a wedding coordinator) in charge of the various vendors

Having someone else stay on top of the various vendors – the DJ, caterer, florist, photographer, etc. – will save you a great deal of stress on your special day.


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